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Amalgamation is a business efficiencies consulting firm.

Our clients are companies that embrace workflow efficiencies around their existing processes. Many of our projects include deploying DocuWare. DocuWare is a 1st class globally recognized Document Management Software. DocuWare sales are made thru Authorized DocuWare Partners. Amalgamation is an authorized DocuWare Partner. Our expertise lay in our ability to deploy DocuWare quickly for our clients. We show our clients DocuWare best practices and tailor DocuWare to their meet their individual needs.

We also provide custom DocuWare training for our clients.

What is Document Management?

In this video, Lange sits down with Steve Behm, VP of Sales for the Americas for DocuWare. They discuss today’s Document Management and how it has changed from digitizing paper in the past to Content Management in today’s digital environment.

They discuss :

  • What is Document Management – 1:01
  • Document Management is Content Management – 2:05
  • DocuWare Forms – Completing multiple Forms automatically – 2:45
  • The differences between DocuWare and products like Dropbox/Google Drive – 4:55
  • DocuWare Cloud has made Document Management affordable for small and medium size businesses – 5:55
  • DocuWare Cloud Security – 7:34
  • When do businesses decide to move to DocuWare? – 8:45
  • Where does DocuWare go from here? 10:35

DocuWare increases efficiencies across your entire organization.

Lets look at it by department.

DocuWare helps

Increasing the speed of invoice delivery
Automatically routing invoices for approval
Increasing available cash
Improving accuracy
Automatically storing incoming and outgoing invoices

DocuWare helps
Human Resources

Streamlining hiring process
Increasing the security and confidentiality of employee files
Meeting long term federal document retention laws
Not losing documents
Reducing storage space
Allowing for fast document retrieval

DocuWare helps

Providing a more efficient sales cycle
Increasing the level of customer service
Getting instant document access to the entire sales support team
Providing mobile document access to your sales team

Are you curious about what DocuWare looks like?

Here is a quick sneak peak.

My name is Lange Debault. I help business owners and managers help their team members deliver products and services.

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