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Reduce Costs and Improve Cash Flow With Faster Processing

To keep up with documentation needs and retention schedules, it’s virtually impossible to manage a modern day accounting department without document management. DocuWare offers several advantages: significantly less search time, space savings, gains by qualifying for early payment discounts and faster collection of accounts receivable.

Anyone working in accounting knows about the mountains of documents that need to be stored to meet today’s legal and financial requirements. The systematic filing of records without a Document Management System (DMS) can cost you in time and space, particularly the time lost to hunt for records that might be filed off-site, incorrectly, or even lost.

Internal Processes

Access to detailed information such as departmental codes or general ledger numbers must be possible at all times. This guarantees that an internal cost/ benefit analysis gives you the right numbers.

The Processes

Cost Analysis

The Controller’s office regularly provides analyses of department and segment expenses and makes this information available to management so they can better monitor business processes. These analyses often lead to questions that the head of a department or segment can answer by accessing certain documents.

Benefits With DocuWare
All relevant documents, including anything affecting budget variances, can be accessed with a few keystrokes from the DocuWare document pool. Questions can be quickly resolved. The ability by management personnel to foresee budget variances and cost overruns is markedly improved, while the effort from the Controller’s office is reduced. Your company can be more effectively managed. The right numbers can be found in the right place, always ready to be accessed and analyzed.

Budget Planning

A variety of people and departments are involved in the budget planning process – an annual event that requires accurate coordination and adjustment.

Benefits With DocuWare
All planning parameters, project plans and timelines are drawn from the central document pool, even the tools for managing versions of the planning status. This includes workflow functions that help divide the process into manageable steps – such as authorizations, providing access to budget information from past years and other departments. Quick access to departmental analysis, invoices, statistics and reports is guaranteed. While the quality of the budget planning process is enhanced, the amount of effort is reduced. Errors caused by obsolete versions of budget files are avoided.

Speeding Up Invoice Verification

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