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More efficient processes mean improved HR results

Resumés, contracts, transfers, recommendations, salaries, expense reports, vacation requests – that’s just the tip of the paperwork iceberg managed by a Human Resources department. And all of these critical documents must be edited, stored and retrieved in a way that is quick, reliable and absolutely confidential.

When the pressure is on to improve costs and staff, even the Human Resources (HR) department’s efficiencies come under scrutiny.

This means a growing number of tasks have to be handled by fewer employees. Meeting the latest legal requirements also adds to the work load. A way to succeed in this environment is to handle routine tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. The key is an integrated Document Management System (DMS) and electronic personnel files.

Inter-Office Communication

Questions from employees, management, and colleagues from Accounting can be immediately answered thanks to DocuWare. The time previously needed to research and return calls is eliminated.

Increased Productivity

From recruiting to mentoring, promotions to salary calculations – all of the processes handled by HR become more efficient. Employees feel better supported and management is aided daily by the DMS to make better-informed decisions. Improved job satisfaction is the natural result.

Discrete and Tamper-Free

 The sensitive content of documents and the requirements of privacy laws mean that paper documents, computer files, and e-mail must be handled with great care. The growing number of electronic documents and the variety of available media make it even more challenging to keep up with today’s requirements.

Being able to securely set up access rights, tamper-free electronic filing, and integration within HR’s existing IT system, all make a DMS virtually irreplaceable. Properly configured, even the system administrator cannot have access to sensitive HR records.

The Processes

Meeting Legal Requirements

A growing number of national and international laws require long-term, secure storage of personnel files and documents. Administering paper documents separately from computer files and e-mail is not secure, wastes space and increases warehousing costs. As time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to quickly retrieve information.

Benefits of DocuWare
Legal requirements are more easily met when using a DocuWare solution: All personnel documents can be electronically filed as long and securely as required. Authorized staff may retrieve any information at any time. Office and warehouse space is saved, since it’s no longer necessary to store documents in binders and file cabinets. E-mail is filed automatically saving the costs associated with printing and manual filing. Complying with locking and notification schedules and deletion of data beyond retention schedules is guaranteed.

Motivated Employees

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