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More Revenue, More Satisfied Customers

Exceeding goals is tough in competitive times. Sales teams are fighting against time as much as they are for customers. It all revolves around information and who can use it the most efficiently. That’s where DocuWare comes in.

Key Account Managers must be able to handle a wide variety of issues, for a broad category of customers. “Road Warriors” are bombarded with questions, while the staff back in the home office scrambles to address them. A customer looks for answers on a company’s Internet site. Yes, successful sales depend on quick access to information. With an electronic customer folder, it’s guaranteed: any inquiry coming from existing and potential customers can be handled on the telephone. No need for long searches and unnecessary callbacks. Processes from generating proposals all the way to handling product complaints become significantly more efficient. Employees have more time for strategic work, while administrative tasks are either eliminated or streamlined. This means bonus time for more, higher-quality proposals. Existing customers profit from better support. The natural results: satisfied customers and motivated employees. And the ability to call up the right document at the right time – that’s also known as a handy competitive edge!

Inner-Office Communication

Unfortunately, in the real world, sales people often seem to be the “last to know.“ Only a well-informed sales person is able to approach customers with confidence and inspire the same in your company’s products and services. Easily accessible records and marketing materials play a large part in forming this information basis.

Information for Customers

Now accustomed to the Internet, customers today demand quick and easy access to current documents, records, etc. If all of your documents are stored in a central document pool, and customers can access them via the Internet…again, that’s a nice advantage over your competition.

The Processes

Electronic Customer Folder

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